Friday, August 5, 2011

"Welcome Home"

I had a vent here - but I wrote it out, continued my post and decided to erase it because it was too negative. And I'm not trying to dwell on the negative. I'm trying to strengthen my soul and focus on my new future.

I miss my old life... our average, ordinary, new-family life. I will say that much.

My mom and I went shopping in Petoskey yesterday. It took a little bit for me to actually get in the spirit. But I eventually went from why-am-I-trying-enjoy-myself mode to retail therapy mode. I was flipping through a clearance rack in one of the shops and came across a graphic tee that says, "Still think of you forever".

Maybe this really is all just a bad dream and we wake upon our death in Heaven. I like this card that we received:

Long before we're ready, we sadly say goodbye. But there are those in a far more beautiful place who are saying, "Welcome home."

I never realized how important sympathy cards were. But they really do help tremendously. It's amazing. I need to just compile all of them into a scrapbook so I can flip through it whenever I'm feeling sad.

I can't wait until it's my turn to be called home but I'm guessing God wants me to stay around here for a while for the sake of our kids. And I haven't proven myself worthy yet (or fulfilled my purpose). I'm not surprised Matt had though. He was such a good, genuine person. I hope to follow in his footsteps. I will.

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