Diary: High School and Beyond

Just remember one thing:  I was 14/15 when I wrote these first ones.  Don't judge.  I may or may not have been creepishly obsessed.
January 8th, 2000
Today I had to wake up & go to my brother's basketball game. :( It sucked.  After that I came home & called Sarah & talked her into coming to the swim meet w/ me.  I like this guy named Matt Hales now!  He is so sweet & nice!  He's a swimmer!  I think he likes me. :)  He says I'm pretty hot & if I ask him to the Swirl he'll go w/ me! :)  I'm so happy!  I'm gonna ask him on... Nate's birthday!  January 19th.  Matt came in first on all of his heats except for... somethin I dunno.  But he is so sweet!  Even read the IM conversation!  I like him so much!  I have a newspaper article w/ his pic in it, too!  He's obviously the one w/ a heart around his head! :)  I <3 MH
January 16, 2000
Today I had to wake up & go to church.  But before I start talkin bout today, I'm gonna talk bout Friday night.  Well, me & Sarah met Matt & Kyle (Kyle is Sarah's bf) at 9 Ball Joe's at 6:00.  We were just chillin & stuff.  Matt asked me out!  Of course I said yes!  So he's officially my bf now!  Oh, by the way, I asked him to Swirl on Tuesday & of course he said yes.  But anyway, back to today, I went to church this morning, came home, went shopping, went swimming, came home, missed Matt, then I talked to my little Mattie online.  Yesterday, he had a swim invitational in Plymouth & he took home a gold & silver medal!  I'm so proud of my little Mattie.  I can't wait until Swirl!  He's givin me a big hug tomorrow!  He's such a sweetie.  Our one-month anniversary is on Valentine's day!  That's so kool!  I can't wait to see him tomorrow!
January 22, 2000
This past week has been nothing but 100% pure greatness!!  First of all, on Thursday, I went to Matt's swim meet and we had our first kiss!  Then last nite we went to a movie with Sarah, Kyle, Nate & Meg.  It was a triple date!  It was fun!  Me & Matt held hands all thru the movie & afterward, too.  We all just hung out at the theater afterward.  I miss my Mattie!! Of course, we kissed again last nite.  I love him so much!  Yesterday was our 1 week anniversary, lol.  We saw Toy Story 2.  It's a great movie!  I loved it!  But of course, I love my Mattie more!! :)
February 11, 2000
Wow, it's been awhile.  I've been very busy lately.  Yup, me & Matt are still going out and we love eachother oh so much!  I've kept track of how many times we kiss!  So far, 6.  Well, tomorrow is the big day! Swirl!  I'm so excited we're going w/ Justin Wohlford & Amber Staudacher to Pietro's for dinner.  Matt's gonna teach me how to slow dance!  I can't wait.  He is so sweet!  He sung to me in French!  He played his guitar & sung w/ Scott & Dan, two guys from his band.  It was a song he wrote for me called Moon Shine.  It was so sweet!  And they were all dressed up in suits... he looks extremely good in a suit!  My hair appointment is at noon tomorrow!  I'm gonna hafta remember to wear a button shirt!  Matt is sooo irresistable!  I don't know wut I'd do w/o him!  I cry inside whenever I even think of losing him.  I hope we are together forever!  Well, I have a lot to do for tomorrow so I better go now!! :) 
Mrs. Stephanie Hales 
MH + SC 
Stephanie Ann Hales 
Mrs. Matthew Hales 
Mrs. Hales
Stephanie Hales
Stephanie <3's Matthew 4ever!! :)
February 13, 2000
I really hate writing in this thing now but I guess I'll thank myself later.  Anyway, last nite was the best nite in my whole entire life.  I wish I could re-live it all over again.  I danced with Matt & it was so much fun.  We kissed nine times so that brings us to a total of 15 =).  I love kissing him!  Afterwards I went to his house and stayed there until 1:00 AM.   I fell asleep on him so he kissed me to wake me up.  It was sooo kool!  Oh, I waited so long for that nite & now it's over =(.  Already!  But that just leaves us to look forward to the next dance!! :)  I can't wait!  (I saved an altoid that Matt gave me =))
Sunday, March 12, 2000
Yeah, it's been like a month but o well.  I got my first french w/ Matt, of course on Saturday, March 4.  Tomorrow waterpolo starts & I'm trying out for that.  We're going to Pensacola, Florida for spring break.  I can't wait!  Me & Matt's 2-month anniversary is this Tuesday!  =)  I love him sooo much!  =) <3
Monday, April 3, 2000
Well, here I am in Pensacola, baby!  I'm havin' a great time!  We're rite on the gulf shores & we have an excellent view of the ocean!  I had quite an encounter w/ a fiddler crab, too!  Today went to a museum & went shopping!  It's very warm & I don't wanna go back but I have to for Matt. =)  I miss him a lot.  I quite waterpolo, FYI... it sucked!  Well, I'm glad Spring Break is finally here!! :)
April 22, 2000
I got a sweet guitar for my b-day.  Forget that.  TODAY I officially made out for the very first time.  It was so kool!  Wut a sweetie!  He is the best guy in the world.  God, where would I be w/o him?!  He's smart, he's hot, he's respectful, he has morals, he has a lot going for him.
June 7, 2000
I don't know where to start.  Today's the last day of skool.  Matt broke up w/ me last Friday afternoon, & got in a serious car accident Saturday nite.  He's in the critical intensive care rite now.  This past week has been so bad.  I was at the hospital today w/ Kyle.  Matt wasn't having a very good day bekuz his brain pressure went up.  He's been unconscious since the accident.  Thank God for the people who saved his life.  I've been praying so hard for Matt.  I know he'll get thru this bekuz he's strong... he's a real fighter.
January 15, 2005
You'll never in a billion years guess who I'm seeing (again).  Matt, as in the Matt who I was obsessed with five years ago (just read my entries from back then... yikes).  He's still the best thing that's ever happened to me.
I have quite sparce updates, I know.  Matt & I are still together. <3  It amazes me every day thinking about how far we've come.  We're talking about marriage now. =)  I'm 100% sure he's The One.  It's quite an easy decision... which it's supposed to be, of course!  He spent the entire summer in Boston which was a strain, but nothing can break us.  I had the opportunity to go out there twice.  Once for 4th of July (awesome fireworks) & again for Matt's 22nd birthday.  It was fun out there.  I'm a junior in college w/ a legal studies major & if all goes as planned, I'll be graduating on time! =)  I need to begin thinking about internship possibilities for next summer.  Today I had to work at American Eagle from 9-3.  Matt works at Best Buy.  After I got out of work today, Matt took me to Starbucks & Famous Dave's later (after a short nap on my part).  It was great.  I love spending time w/ Matt more than anything.  He's the best guy a girl could dream of. 
Saturday, April 8, 2006
10:49pm * Let's see... still trying to find my internship, haha!  If I don't get one this summer that's paid, I will just try for one in the fall, paid or unpaid.  Kuz I NEED to make $ this summer!  Although it will be difficult to balance an internship w/ school, I may have to.  I think I'm going to apply for jobs as a hostess & at the mall again.  I quit AE over Xmas break.  It was just too much even though the $ was nice, lol.  I'll apply at Express.  I <3 their clothes!  Anyway, I'm at Matt's right now... he's liftin' weights.  He is so ripped.  It's hott!  Oh, we went to PCB for SB.  That was really fun!  Now we have 3 weeks left of school!  Matt's graduating in Dec. which is exciting.  He's close to being done w/ school 4 EV-ER!  I'm turning 21 in ONE week!  I can also eat candy in 2 week kuz Lent is done on Easter & I gave up candy.  I think I'm more excited for being able to eat candy again than being able to buy alcohol.
Saturday, February 6, 2010!
How's 4 years later for a record?  I can't even begin to describe the changes in my life.  However, Matt DID propose to me... 2 weeks after my last entry.  Of course I said yes!  He proposed at our favorite restaurant, Pietro's (it has since closed).  I have a beautiful round-cut solitaire engagement ring.  And my wedding band is comprised of 10 channel-set diamonds.  They are certainly beautiful.  The wedding was a dream... we invited 250 friends & family members. -break-
And that's the last time I wrote in that thing.  I don't ever want to write in it again.  I want the last entry to be at a time I was blissfully happy.