Tuesday, August 28, 2012

And so it begins... again

School!  I am just going to dismiss the fact that I took summer classes and consider this Round #2.  Me + summer classes = never again.  In fact, I may... certainly... re-take organic chem.  As for keeping my B in anatomy 1, that's yet to be decided.  I need to meet with my academic adviser pretty soon.

Right now I am taking microbiology, genetics and anatomy 2.  Micro and genetics seem like they are going to go well.  I like my professors in those.  I have anatomy 2 for the first time today at 4:00 and that is the class for which I am most scared!  I barely survived anatomy 1... but at least this time there is no lab requirement for me.

My study schedule is supreme.  I have all day Monday, Wednesday and Friday (well, I will try to work ahead to allow myself a little break-ski on Fridays) to study.  Then I have from 10am-4pm to study on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  This no lab thing is already feeling pretty nice.

The kids are doing great.  Noah is going to turn three next Friday, the 7th!  Which means Chloe is nearing the year and a half mark.  As long as I keep them busy... it's not too bad wrangling them on my own. So I am going to try to plan for walks, parks, bike rides... etc. every day after daycare while the weather is still nice.  Once the snow comes, I will have to brainstorm for some indoor activities!

I moved back with my in-laws who bought a house in our hometown earlier this month.  It is relatively close to the highway and has ample space for us (and my things, lol... mostly clothes).  It is nice to have a shorter commute out to Grand Valley every day.

My "budding romance" is superb.  Not sure why I just called it that but either way... things are great. :)  He is so considerate, adventurous, fun, funNY, easygoing, handles the kids as well as possible, and is caring and affectionate.  I love spending time with him and I feel that things shall continue to go very well for us in the future.

Monday, August 20, 2012

It's so distant!

That life I once had... seems so far away.  I have flashbacks every day of the little things.  Just the way Matt looked at me, the way he talked, how he felt when he hugged me.  It is hard to hold onto all those little things.  My worst fear was forgetting.  But I imagine it's hard not to forget those things after this much time has passed.  I still can't believe I haven't seen him in over a year.  Well, 13 months today to be exact.  In fact, right about now was the time I was stepping out of my office building to face everything that my new life would bring without Matt. 

I was thinking about how precious life is during my eight-mile run today.  I was just appreciating it.  I was thinking about all the things that can be accomplished in one lifetime.  And all the things that can't when it's cut short.  I hope that Matt knows he lives in my heart every single day and that I carry him with me everywhere I go.