Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It was one year ago today that I got back.

Today not only marks a day where thousands of families got torn apart due to the devastating 9/11 attacks, but also the day I moved back to Michigan, officially.  So it has now been a year since I have seen North Carolina.

When I was reflecting upon 9/11 this morning, my heart went out to all the wives who lost their husbands and children who lost their fathers.  Of course, it hurts for everyone who lost a family member but I spent a little more time thinking about those who are in our shoes.  I wonder how they are doing today. I hope they have found happiness and contentment, like they never thought possible.  From my personal experience, it is quite amazing how much brighter and how much more special everyday things are to me now than they were before.  I hope anyone who goes through such a tragedy comes out of it feeling blessed in the long run, no matter how much time it may take.

My professor pointed out that most of the people in my class were in elementary school when this happened.  Wow!  I pointed that out to Matthew and he laughed because, while I was in high school, he was actually in college.

Side note: I hope it doesn't become confusing between talking about my husband Matt and my boyfriend Matt... although I am sure the context makes it pretty obvious but I recognize that it may take a minute sometimes. :P

I think about this blog often.  I think about how much healing it brought me by enabling me to write out my emotions and share them with anyone who cared to have a read.  It is apparent that my entries are becoming more sporadic these days.  Life is becoming normal.  School is making this a long transition process but my plan is falling into place nicely... even though I am somewhat impatient.

I have been training for that half marathon I know I talked about before.  I was supposed to do a 10 mile training run tomorrow but I feel an injury in progress if I don't take it easy this week.  So I will have to postpone it until next week.  Running has been another outlet for me in my healing process.  It's a great opportunity to zone out, think about life, and abuse myself a little bit. ;)  The longest run I have done so far is 8 miles and that was a good run so I hope this minor setback doesn't throw me off too much.

My entries will become more lighthearted and superficial but I plan on continuing to keep this blog.  It won't always be super emotional and heartfelt like it was a year ago but I suppose that's a good sign.  Like, I said, I am finding a new normal and things are going pretty well!