The Proposal, In Matt's Words

On Friday at 6:00 pm, I took Stephanie to Pietro's. Our first date in High School was there, as well as when we began dating last winter.  I arranged it with Pietro’s so that Steph L. (her best friend) would be waiting on us, and we’d have a certain table reserved (Reservations are not the usual).  So, we got there and there was a long wait, but we got right in.  I told Stephanie that I had “called ahead,” to put our name in, while she was shopping (which the restaurant allows)  When we got seated, she found out that Steph L. was our waitress and thought that was amazing.  Then, I got some text messages my friend Matt S., who was to be part of my master plan. Stephanie asked, "what have you got planned?  This is too much of a coincidence.”  She jokingly asked, "are you proposing."  See, we were supposed to look at rings the following day....  Anyway - After dinner, Steph L. took our dessert order and I excused myself to the restroom.  For the 3rd time (each time was a fib) -- I met Matt in the bathroom, and he followed me out.  Steph's back was to the restrooms and front of the restaurant, sooo...  Steph L. brought out dessert with 24 red roses that I dropped off earlier.  My Stephanie was like, "What is the occasion!!!!"  After her excitement died down a bit, I slid over on the seat and got down on one knee.  Matt S. was behind me taking pictures of the whole thing, Stephanie was bawling her eyes out, and the entire restaurant was clapping.  It was perfect.

 It was the most unforgettable night of my life.  Stephanie, I love you more than anything and am yours alone for the rest of time.

-Written by Matt on April 23, 2006, two days after he proposed