Songs & Poetry

Let's Have a High School Revival
Written June 20, 2006 by Matt Hales

Hey baby, what the f--- is up with you?
I've been waiting so long to tell you what I've been thinking
I've been miserable for so long
Last time that I was happy, you were in my arms

Lets have a high school revival, angel
I am running for the door to see you
If it suits you, I'll throw on the outfit that caught your eye the very first time that I--
I became your beau for life

Throwing open the door, I found you waiting there
My eyes were blinded by the beauty of which was before me
Couldn't figure it out, why did I give you up?
Someone extraordinary who loved me for what I was all about

Lets go spoon on my parents' couch and pick up where we left off
Maybe they'll catch us again and I'll get the talk
Or maybe we'll become what life is all about
I know this... you I just can't get enough of

Everything, including my life, I owe to you
You've been the guardian watching over me
Nothing will ever show you how deeply and truly I love you
So I now give you this ring to let you know that I will be your man for life

Many years from now we'll still look back in disbelief
Still in shock that we found each other again
Coincidence? I think not
Unless the words mean God, these things happen for a reason

We've had our high school revival, angel
It's time for me to grow old with you
Always what we wanted in life:
Me, your husband, and you, my angel of a wife

And that's the story of our lives

The Fire
Written in December 2006 by Matt Hales

You are the one who keeps me grounded
You lift me up when I am weak
I never thought, I would be here today
One year later, my soul is complete
Taking my hand, you look into my eyes and begin to say
With confidence, "take one day at a time, things will be fine.
We have each other; We'll make it through life together.
We can, we can do anything."

My hands on fire
Burning endlessly for you
A consequence of the unfailing eternal truth
I write these words, to try and define what it is I feel
But nothing justifies what I have for you

Hand in Hand
Wandering the vastness that lay before us
We will win
So long as we know who it is we are
Knowing that with each other, we've got it all
We own
We define love

This isn't a game
We cannot restart
There are no pauses, probably our last shot
I want to know life, for all that it is
Forever and ever, baby we will be bliss

You were the voice I heard when I was down
I owe it all to you
Ready for a lifetime to pay you back

She inhales
In that breath I do all I can to make it her greatest sigh of air
She exhales
I recycle that which was once her greatest; making it better than before
For as long as I am alive
I will never deny you of the best breath you will ever have
I am selfless for you, my love 

Black and White Life
Life... is a rollercoaster
One moment you're on top of the world
The next, you're in the deep dark chasms of a bitter cold aluminum tunnel of Hell.
Exit Hell and strive to pull up and up, only to be thrown into the darkness once again.
Reaching and reaching, pulling and pulling, screaming and screaming, crying and crying,
and striving for the ends of the earth to the place where Heaven lies.
Life is a rollercoaster of ups and downs, whites and blacks, red and blues.
But in the end you're able to put the tunnel in the past...
...And move on into the light of a new day.