Saturday, August 20, 2011

One Month

Exactly one month ago, as I type, Matt was at the trauma center. He wasn't dead yet but they knew he wouldn't make it. It will be another 45 minutes before he's pronounced dead (11:35am). I still don't know anything about his injuries except for his immediate cause of death being "blunt force head trauma". I would like to know more. I'm just waiting for the medical report to be released to the SHP.

I can't even really put my emotions into writing. What can I say? It has been one month. One month without my husband.

Later-added edit:

I have been scrolling through Matt's Facebook history the last couple of days and just got to his posts from August 2010. Exactly one year ago today, he wrote:

"Thank you Lord for watching over my family today"


  1. Thinking about you always... especially today.

  2. He was a walking miracle <3