Sunday, August 28, 2011

Our Last Dance

It was one year ago today that Matt and I danced together for the last time. We were at our friends' wedding reception. There's not much more to this post than that simple observation. In honor of talking about "dancing", though, I will leave the lyrics of a song Matt wrote called "The Dance", which was my favorite. Beautiful.

Light a match, strike up the band
They play her song as she wanders in
His moves are on fire here tonight
Can't take his eyes off of her
He's been paralyzed
By those piercing eyes

He starts the introductions, "Hey, who are you?"
"The woman of your dreams, I'll be all you need.
All you need and your neverending symphony."

Placing his hand upon her waist, their eyes become locked in a trance.
Their future together flashes before him - This dance will be the final number
Lasting for eternity

I will never let go - keep my eyes fixed on you
This is a miracle, that of a dream, an award-winning movie
You and I are the stars of every scene


"I will never let go
We can dance this floor until our faces grow old"
For years he waited for the band to play her song and end his pain
Now she dances with him
And they won't stop, knowing what they'd be giving up
Truest love

Dancing through the days; the good and the great, the hardships and worries
he dips her underneath every pain and takes them his own way.
Darling, look deep into these eyes
I won't let a thing hurt you
When we dance, you'll see
That feeling 'neath your chest's invincibility

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