Saturday, August 20, 2011


I was looking at Matt's credit card transactions today and got confirmation that he did, in fact, stop by Starbucks before leaving town that morning. Hence, why his wallet smelled like a coffee drink. I figured that was the case.

What if he had just resisted Starbucks that morning?

Or what if the cashier at Starbucks only went a little faster or a little slower?

What if Matt let another car go in front of him? Or vice versa?

The timing might have been different. The lineup of cars might have been different. It could have been someone else's name in that news article... or maybe it never would have happened at all. If the cashier at Starbucks went slower or Matt let another car go in front of him, or if the drive-thru line was longer... the farmer could have made it that half a mile to the exit. He would have been off the highway by the time Matt got there.

This is the stuff that will drive a person mad.

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  1. I am sorry you are dealing with the "what-if's". Those are absolutely the hardest thoughts to deal with. I hope you don't drive yourself crazy with them for too long, though I know it is so hard not to.