Saturday, September 10, 2011

"For the Bride and Groom"

I put Matt's cross on this morning and told him I really needed him to be with me today.


I found a wedding card in the most random spot (in the garage). Not signed by anyone, and it says the following:

Hand in hand...
always loving,
always caring.

When the last picture
has been taken,
the last dance
has been danced,
and the night sky shimmers
with a thousand
magical moments,
may it be
just the beginning
of a beautiful lifetime
of love.

So this is how I interpret it. Obviously, the card is talking about the last picture, last dance, etc., from the wedding reception. But I think I found this card because even though Matt and I took our last picture and danced our last dance, we created many beautiful memories together and he will always be with me. And he wanted me to know that everything will be okay.

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