Tuesday, January 10, 2012

This is like my job...

Except I'm not getting paid. I'm paying to do it, lol. Tuition and gas because it's a hell of a commute. Lots of time to think which I like though. I need a break desperately. I spent I don't even know how long with biology today. My lecture + my lab + however long I spent studying.

"Matt, remember Einstein Bagels!? Sooooooo gooooood." That's a one-sided conversation that took place in my head today.

I also remembered the way he inhaled candy. Literally sucked air in every time he popped a Mike 'n' Ike or M&M in his mouth. Weird. Weird things I miss.

I came to the library to study psychology and chemistry for tomorrow. I figured I better spend time preparing for the next day... the day before. So I know I have everything done that I need to have done.

This whole being a student again thing has felt pretty natural. I like being back here. And I never went to school while not working (I always had at least two jobs) so being able to focus entirely on my studies is wonderful and will probably help me out a lot. I guess having kids might make up for that though...

I went to my bio lecture professor's office today to introduce myself and I told him my story. I told him I will probably be in his office a lot because I need to get an A! And this is a difficult class. But as long as I put the time in and follow his study advice, I will get an A. I will, I will, I will. He seems like a super cool guy anyway. I can tell he wants his students to do well. My lab professor is incredibly laid back and casual. She's not nitpicky whatsoever and only made us do half of the lab exercise. I love it.

It almost feels like I never left this place. Like a strange time warp. The only difference is, my partner in crime isn't here anymore.

Good things:
- Bio lab is laid-back
- Gilda's Club tomorrow
- Einstein Bros. Bagels
- Devotions and Bible reading before I get out of the car each morning

Not-so-good thing:
- I think my bag weighs more than Noah
- The battery on my cell phone died because I left an app open

Time to read some psychology text.

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