Friday, January 20, 2012

Six months.

What can I say? Six months. I can't believe how much has changed in just six months. I've moved twice, our kids have since been to two new daycares (they just started again last week), I've started going back to school to work towards my BSN and I've been attending a wonderful support group every week.

It's wild. Things are good. I went to the cemetery today. Bought some flowers. Talked to Matt. I apologized to him for any anger that I hold towards him. Because I do at times. Not anything super serious but you know... frustration.

Why couldn't you have just been more careful?

It doesn't completely take over my every thought but it's definitely there sometimes. I believe I just have a tendency to feel angry at him because he's also easy to forgive. So that's just how it happens. I'm sure he understands.

I don't really know what else to say. It's getting late, both kids are sleeping and I want to curl up in bed with Hulu tonight so I will conclude with what I said on my Facebook status today. It pretty much sums up everything.

Six months ago today my life took a direction I never imagined. I've been made stronger than I ever realized with the help of friends, family and, most of all... GOD. I live knowing that I will be in my angel's arms again one day. Until then, I know he is always with us and I will have the pleasure of watching his spirit live on through our children. I love you, Matt Hales. ♥

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