Monday, January 16, 2012


I try really hard to stay focused and, for the most part, I do pretty well. But there are definitely times where my mind wanders about Matt. Like during my psych lecture this morning, discussing naturalistic observations, and there was a photo of a playground on the Power Point. I got to thinking about that being one of the last things we did as a family before Matt died.... where our last family photo was taken just 11 days before. I can't believe that was last summer. It seems like it was yesterday.

Then I have to mentally remind myself to pay attention! It's difficult sometimes. The next topic was about EEGs and MRIs. I think I could somehow relate everything ever discussed in a lecture back to Matt.

I look around at other people and wonder what they're battling. There was a time where, for me, it was nothing. Now I look the same as before but things inside have drastically changed. It's a different world now and I'm starting to notice how people complain about the smallest things that really have no relevance to anything important whatsoever. I know I was like that before, too, and probably still do that from time to time although I try hard not to.

Speaking of distractions, I'm wrestling with biology and I think Chloe is sick and needs to see a doctor so I can't think straight anymore.

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