Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weekend recap

I'm back! We went to Newaygo/Grand Rapids for the weekend. I had my advising appointment on Friday. It went really well. I have my schedule! Which feels really weird... nostalgic. I'm taking three classes - biology, chemistry and psychology. And my adviser is wonderful. I also found out that I can purchase health insurance for both myself and the kids through GVSU... for a much lesser price than what it will be through COBRA after my premium is no longer being paid in full by Matt's company.

I literally have to get A's in every single class... if I even want to have a shot at getting into GV's nursing school. So the pressure is definitely on. And I'm definitely nervous!

I tried to go computer shopping but Best Buy didn't have any of the Dell XPS laptops on display. Neither did Sam's Club. And no one else sells computers. So I never got to play around with what I wanted but I still ordered it from the Dell website. I'm really excited to get it and I think it's safe to say that Matt would be proud.

On Saturday night I had another "silent cry" while I was putting Noah to bed. I was just thinking about Matt and missing him. Well, I think about him and miss him all the time but the stream of tears only presents itself sporadically. Usually when I'm laying in bed or driving. I held out my hand for him to hold. I wish he could. I wish he could be there with me.

Well, this is more of a "catch up" post versus actually having something of quality to write. I just wanted to post something since it's been a few days. But it's late and I'm tired so this is it for tonight!


  1. And you could make your secondary insurance medicaid to cover the rest. I did it for a few years when I was the only one supporting. Then you don't have any out of pocket. It's helpful. Michild -Morgan

  2. How are you affording to go back to school?

  3. You will do amazing in school Steph. I know you will. Love, Britt

  4. Grand Valley's Nursing Program is amazing, and the advisers are great also! As long as you try hard, you'll get in :) I'm an old family friend of the Hales; my grandparents had a cottage in Beulah two away from your familys'. I spent many summer days playing in beautiful Crystal Lake with Kristen. I read your blog after Kristen posted a link to it, and I find it very inspiring. Anywho, this post just made me smile because I am in my final semester of GVSU's nursing program, and it has been a great experience. I think you'll love the journey. Based on your blog, you have the compassion and the spirit that make a great nurse. The best of luck to you and your family, stay strong!