Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I feel so accomplished and all I did was make a phone call this afternoon. I have an appointment set up with an academic adviser at GVSU for October 21. I called admissions, she submitted my re-entry form and I am ready to register for classes this winter!

I seriously can't believe I'm going to go back to school for a second degree.

I am... nervous, anxious, excited, determined... am I ready for this?! This has to be what I am meant to do. Otherwise, why is it happening like this? Why did God take such extreme measures to rip me from the wonderful life I had? Matt fulfilled his purpose and now it's time for me to fulfill mine. I just want to make Matt proud of me. And I want to help heal others, physically and emotionally.

Why nursing? I want to help people who are in a situation like Matt was in. I want to help them in a way that Matt couldn't be helped. I want to have a hand in fixing others. If others can't be fixed, like Matt couldn't be fixed, I want to be there for their families. I want to be a living example to them that everything will be okay. I want to share Matt's story of recovery from his first accident with patients. I want to bring hope and encouragement using him as an example. I just want his memory to live on by using his story to say, "Miracles do happen. Never lose hope."

I take comfort in comforting others. My broken heart eases when I can ease someone else's heartbreak. I want to take my grief and direct it toward helping others. I feel that nursing will allow me to do these things.

I am in for long hours and late nights. It is going to be a challenging path but all I have to do is think about Matt, think about Noah and Chloe, look down and place my finger on Matt's thumb print. It will be worth it.

"Jesus looked at them and said, 'For human beings this is impossible, but for God all things are possible.'" Matthew 19:26


  1. You are incredible!

  2. I follow your blog weekly. I'm married to a wonderful husband (4 yrs 10/20) and father (we just had our first baby this summer). You are an amazing woman and I pray for you and your family daily. Just thought you should know. Some random gal from Long Beach, California ;)