Friday, July 22, 2011


I have so many questions that run through my mind constantly. Some are probably legitimate questions to ask, some not... I don't know. Some of them I may have already been told the answer and I just forgot. And some will never be answered.

Were there cars in the left lane that prevented him from attempting to move over in time?

Did the tractor have ANY clearly visible signs or lights to indicate it was a slow-moving vehicle?

Was the tractor in the entire lane or off towards the shoulder?

Did Matt apply his brakes at all?

Could there have been some sort of mechanical failure with his car that prevented him from braking?

Did something (such as a water bottle) get stuck beneath the brake pedal?

What was he doing?

What were the extent of his injuries (specifically)?

How long was he at the hospital before he died?

What was his time of death?

Should that tractor really not have been on the highway according to law?

I don't know why I even want the answers. It won't bring him back. Maybe it would just allow me to better grasp this tragedy. Provide some understanding. Give me some closure. I miss him so much.

We are going back to Michigan tomorrow. I don't know how long we will be there. We expect to arrive in Detroit at about 6:30pm. So then we will be back in the Grand Rapids area tomorrow night. I'm going to stay with my mom.

There are so many other things I want to write but I want to try to contain each post to just a few thoughts at a time.

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