Friday, March 16, 2012

Things (super creative title)

I'm judging the quality of my life right now by my grades. I have a 96 in chemistry and a 92 in biology. I'm certain my psych grade is somewhere in there although that class has two papers, participation and a handful of exams. So we'll see how that pans out. So I guess right now life is pretty good because of that.

I see all these things on Pinterest like "How a sip of soda affects your health" with a diagram of how awful it is for you and it makes me laugh because I'm like, "OH really?! Bring on the soda, baby!" Good thing I love soda.

The rings. I'm thinking more about my rings. Still nowhere near ready to remove them. In fact, if I ever do decide to remove ONE, it will be just that. I think I'll keep my wedding band on forever. I could probably accept removing the big rock eventually. The wedding band has a deeper meaning though.

We decided that Noah is exhibiting a form of grief in a certain behavior. That would be him specifically wanting ME to do certain things. Either that or it's a normal 2-3 year old phase. But a lot of things are, "HERE, MOMMA!" Or "MOMMA DO IT!" Like, if he is all finished eating or drinking. I must be the one to take his cup/plate/etc. No one else. He freaks out otherwise. A pretty simple thing tied to a deeper interpretation that possibly this is because I'm the only parent he has left. Who knows.

I became teary-eyed in the car yesterday thinking about Matt not being there for Chloe's first birthday. I also find that I frequently fantasize about a reunion. It's probably the most lovely thought that ever crosses my mind. Then I remind myself that although it seems impossible right now, we will be reunited again one day. I can't wait. I can but I can't. Until then I'll just keep fantasizing.

I recall laughing in my sleep last night because I was having a dream about Matt doing something funny but I can't remember what it was.

Ahh, and I started a running plan because Kristen and I are going to run a half marathon together this fall. I figured, ehh why not? Life is obviously super short. I want to do cool stuff while I'm here.

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