Thursday, January 31, 2013

hey there.

I thought I would make an entry on a whim.  I think about writing often, but to actually do it... well, I haven't been so great at that part.

I started a new semester at Grand Valley.  In fact, it's my LAST semester before I apply to the nursing program.  If, of course, I'm eligible or they waive my overall GPA requirement.  My grades last semester weren't ideal but I got a B+ in anatomy & physiology II and that was a pleasant surprise (it's not my strong point).  I really wanted at least an A- in microbiology but the last unit proved to be my weak point so my would-be A turned into a B+.  Genetics was disappointing since my professor sucked (there's no better way to put it) so I ended up with a B- in that class which I don' believe is an accurate representation.  If I could re-take any class, it would be that one (with a different professor, of course).

I'm going back to Gilda's Club as a volunteer!  Since I am only taking two classes this semester (although they are difficult), I want to start actually doing something again.  I think I am also going to attend Walker Medical to get CNA certified this summer.

I'm turning 28 this year which is weird because I will then be older than my husband was when he died.  He would be celebrating his 30th this July.  However, my boyfriend will be celebrating his 30th in March, conveniently over my spring break, so we will be doing so in the Grand Canyon!  Life is short, right?  I told him we could go anywhere for his birthday and Grand Canyon it is.  We are so excited to go hiking there and I have a special activity planned on the day of his birthday (which is actually a series of activities).  It is going to be amazing.  The only difficult thing will be leaving the kids behind for five days.  I haven't been apart from them for more than two nights in a row.  I hate to wish away their "toddlerhood", but I look forward to being able to take them with us on vacations like this once they are a few years older.

We are all moved into our new house, now it's just going to be a matter of (a long) time before everything has been settled and organized.  We are still waiting on our couches and I want those before I start to buy other things.  It's a slow process.  I also want work done in the basement... put in a full bathroom and finish the playroom/guest room.  I hope to get that going soon (I'm obviously not DIYing that).

Well, I need to run some errands today and get some study time in so unfortunately this has to be short and sweet.  Overall, life is good and I never could have imagined it as such a year ago!  I'm so blessed.


  1. So nice to read you're doing well. I follow your blog and just want to say I'm happy for you. Enjoy his birthday. You deserve it. It's only 5 days ;)

  2. So glad you're doing well. :)

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